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Mike Lalone Well Service is a full-service water well drilling and Well Pump Repair services company. Family-owned and operated since 1898, we offer our Waterford MI customers decades of knowledge, skill and experience. We guarantee quality services at competitive prices.
The History of Mike LaLone Well Service
Synonymous with Water Wells in Michigan, Dating Back to 1898 The last name Lalone has been synonymous with water wells in Waterford MI, dating back to 1898. It all started with John Lalone Sr. in Rosebush Michigan, just northwest of Mt. Pleasant. He was a lumber man by trade who also needed water. With ingenuity he built his own drilling rig and as a side job drilled water wells for himself and others in the community.

Well Pump Repair
The lumbering industry and side work of Well Pump Repair continued for almost two decades, when the boom of the manufacturing industry in the Waterford MI area seemed promising.

Keeping it in the Family
During the move in the winter of 1917, a seven year old boy who was the grandson of John Lalone Sr. also made the trip. His name was Roy. When old enough, he too worked on Well Pump Repair and eventually also sought work in the auto industry. At age 20, he bought his first drilling rig and continued the passion of Well Pump Repair “on the side.” Even when his company grew he continued to work the factory floors, especially during the Second World War. This was done mostly to obtain fuel credits so he could drill wells in Waterford MI on the side. After the Great War he went full tilt into the water well drilling industry leaving behind the manufacturing life.

Waterford MI Area Company Growth
Roy Lalone Well Drilling became a company that grew with the return of servicemen and new families. Like his elders, Roy too was an innovator, utilizing new ideas to produce quality Well Pump Repair in efficient time. The air compressor in the background was used to develop a well and specialized tools were used to help increase the drilling speed. Also, new innovative pumping equipment was created for the Waterford MI homeowner’s use.

Mike Lalone
One of Roy’s sons was Mike, and in 1968 he purchased his first rig. Like all other companies he had to earn trust, confidence and most importantly, he had to learn to value the customer. He also was an innovator within the Well Pump Repair industry. Although we provided drilling, he saw that the service side of the industry seemed to be lacking. So Mike began to focus his company on the desire of the Waterford MI homeowners, finding the small equipment to minimize lawn damage and to maneuver his truck to the well. He found new ways to rehabilitate wells or even retrieving broken off equipment.

We offer the following services:
  • Pumps
  • Water Systems
  • Camera Inspections
  • Pipe Bursting
  • Directional Boring
  • New Construction Installation
  • Lightning Damage Repair
  • Buried Wells Found Electronically
  • Well and Septic Inspections
  • Old-time Craftsmanship paired with Modern Technology