Have Smelly or Rusty Looking Water in SE Michigan?

A photo of rusty faucetDoes Your Water Suddenly Have a Bad Smell or Odd Color?

The LaLone Family has been working with well water and diagnosing water problems for years, so our experience means that we can quickly diagnose what is wrong with your water pump system. Our specialized equipment fits into residential yards easily with minimal damage, making us the best choice for your well and pump repair.

It is important that you quickly determine the cause of the above problems and get repairs started right away. Continuing to use a broken or fractured well pump system can cause greater damage and even lead to a complete replacement rather than a simple repair. Mike LaLone Well & Pump Service is open year round to address well and pump issues right away. Fill out the contact form on the right or call us at 866.620.0550 for a quote.

Common well water quality problems:

  • Hard water - dissolved magnesium and calcium
  • A high concentration of salt or iron
  • Methane Gas (a rotten egg smell)
  • Oil spills or accumulated leakage
  • Bacteria, usually from the septic tank
  • Barnyard Runoff
  • Pesticides and Fertilizers
  • Contamination from a nearby abandoned well

Do you need to call a well company or should you do it yourself?

Some problems occur over time with the natural wear and tear of your water pump system, however, if you notice a difference in your water that is likely related to a recent change in your water pump system and needs to be addressed quickly by a professional.

Does your water taste salty?

If you’ve noticed that your water has started tasting salty it could be due to road salting in your area. In some cases, the road commission will store salt in an inappropriate area and the runoff can impact your well. In other cases, an improperly located water well that is downslope from the road could be the cause. You may be able to provide better road drainage to keep your current well in place, we’ll survey the situation and help to determine the best course of action.

Are you not getting enough water or water pressure?

Possible causes include a poor aquifer, low water level, or an encrusted well pump or screen. The aquifer is the area below ground where water flows between rocks, improper placement and depth of your well can cause a slower flow of water, if you’ve been noticing this problem for awhile you may need a deeper well. If your water problem started recently, it likely means your system needs to be cleaned by a well drilling company.

Does your water smell or taste like rotten eggs?

This unpleasant but common problem is usually caused by methane in the bedrock layer of the earth near your water well system. There are a few potential ways to fix this situation including drilling a new well in a different area, aerating the water, installing a water treatment system, and installing a vent. With our years of experience and interest in the latest technologies and techniques we can help you to find the best way to fix your stinky water.

Is your water black, red, or purple?

If your water has gone from crystal clear to bright and colorful, don’t be afraid! Call us today and get your drinking water back to normal quickly. Bacteria, sewage, nearby contaminants, iron, manganese, sulfur, and sulfide have all been found in residential water wells. We offer testing to determine the contaminants in your water and to determine the cause before providing a complete estimate. Water problems can be scary, we not only drink the water in our homes but we bathe in it and wash our hands and dishes. Call us today at 866.620.0550 to make sure that the water in your home is clean and safe.